According to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1643 of 28.12.2019
the journal is included in the List of Scientific Professional Editions of Ukraine (category "B") in Economics

Until April 01, 2020 the selection of articles is conducted  for publication in the (IІ) issue of the journal.
Series. Law sciences, Economic sciences


Kyiv National University
of Trade and Economics




the journal publishes the results of research on economic and legal problems of the development of the world economy, its impact on globalization processes in the world, the international division
of labor and international economic relations: 
scientific and technical cooperation, currency and financial operations, migration of labor force; 
the influence of foreign tr
ade on the development of national economies
Purposesor thematic orientation:
To highlight the results of theoretical and practical research on economics, finance and law
ISSN: 2616-6100 (Print), 2616-6119 (Online)
Certificate of state registration: КВ №22092-11992PR of 16.05.2016 
State attestation committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:
Order No. 1643 of 28.12.2019 (addition 4) – on Economic Science
 (journal the category “B”)

Resolution No. 1222 (addition 8) from 07.10.2016 to 07.10.2021 – Legal Sciences
Resolution No. 528 (addition 10) 
from 02.05.2015 tо 12.05.2020 – Economic Sciences
Professional registration 
by HAC of Ukraine:

Resolution No. 1-05/6 from 06.10.2010 tо 06.10.2015 – Legal Sciences
Resolution No. 1-05/2 
from 10.03.2010 tо 10.03.2015 – Economic Sciences
Field of Science: Economic and Legal Sciences
Frequency: 6 times a year
Schedule released magazine in 2020: № 1 (108) – 26.02.2020;  № 2 (109) – 24.04.2020;  № 3 (110) – 22.06.2020;
№ 4 (111) – 04.09.2020;  № 5 (112) – 23.10.2020;  № 6 (113) – 23.12.2020
Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English (mixed language)
Editor in Chief: Anatolii Mazaraki,
Doctor of Economic Sciences, academician of NAPS of Ukraine
Deputy Editor: Natalia PrytulskaDoctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Executive Secretary: Svetlana Melnichenko, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor
Editorial address: Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
57, Chigorina str, Kiev, 01601, Ukraine

tel.: (044) 529-50-24
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.