Until January 15, 2019 the selection of articles is conducted  for publication in the (February) issue of the journal. Series. Economic sciences.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31617/zt.knute

Kyiv National University
of Trade and Economics



Purposes or thematic orientation:

To highlight the results of theoretical and practical research on economics, finance and law



ISSN: 2616-6100 (Print), 2616-6119 (Online)
Certificate of state registration:  КВ №22092-11992PR of 16.05.2016 

 Professional registration by HAC of Ukraine:


 Resolution No. 528 (addition 10) of 12.05.2015 –
 Economic Sciences
 Resolution No. 1-05/6 of 06.10.2010 – Legal Sciences
 Resolution  No. 1-05/2 of10.03.2010 – Economic Sciences
Field of Science: Economic and Legal Sciences
Frequency: 6 times a year
Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English (mixed language)
Editor in Chief: Anatolii A. Mazaraki, Doctor of Economic Sciences,
academician of NAPS of Ukraine
Deputy Editor: N. Prytulska, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Executive Secretary: S. Melnichenko, Doctor of Economic Sciences